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"Across the Generations"

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What you see in the following video are the finished original clays of
“Across the Generations” envisioned as a larger than life, free standing sculpture to front the administration and library building of Royal School and commissioned by the Hawai’i State Foundation for Culture and the Arts and the
Department of Education. This work represents the main purpose of the school, that is, providing learning for young children from one generation to the next.

    The central element of the sculpture is a clear cast acrylic encyclopedia representing inspiration, something not really visible to the
eye but more like a light that illuminates the mind and heart. A cornucopia of objects fall out of the back of the book symbolizing the many things in the world yet to be learned. The young girl is Princess Bernice Pauahi, one of the first
Ali’i students of Royal then known as The Chiefs’ Children School. The boy represents today’s generation and both figures are dressed in the style of their times to give a sense of historical difference. Different though they may
be, they are both searching for the same thing, truth through knowledge and learning.

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