Ma ka Lihi
(On the Edge)

72” x 34” x 24” fountain in bronze and cast stone

Ma ka Lihi is a dramatic expression of a world in danger. Earth has found itself on the edge of a precipice gripped by the hand of. Man who himself is caught between extremes of his own making. We are a bipolar species where we have inherited a mindset that sees the bounty of the Earth as booty for our benefit. We play with it as if it were a game and on closer inspection, the globe is, in actuality, a basketball. At the shoulder, the arm transforms into the wing of an eagle in flight representing that aspect of mankind that realizes the danger at hand and which strives to uplift the Earth from this ecological dilemma. We see both sides of our relationship to nature and are asked to choose. It is a snapshot of Man’s relationship to Planet Earth in the 21st century.

Limited edition of 12