Ark of Time

5’ x 10.5’ x 2.5” acrylic on hand carved Precision Board

In this Hawaiian mountain valley landscape, the scene is broken up into two levels symbolizing Day and Night, the Present and the Past. The panels of the day are vertical and geometric, lit by daylight, standing like skyscrapers in a modern city skyline. The panels of the night recede to the back, illuminated by the silver blue light of the full moon and shaped like an Ark carrying the present on its way to the future. Amidst the landscape are four native plants, Kalo, Ti, Kukui and Maile, that represent in ancient Hawaiian times essential qualities of Justice. There are also two animal spirits or aumakua, the Owl, always watchful, and the mated pair of Fairy Terns, sentinels of the City of Honolulu.

Created for the law offices of Goodsill, Anderson, Quinn & Stifel in downtown Honolulu, Hawai’i .

Completed February 2013

Kukui tree with Maile vine

Fairy Terns and Kalo