Ha’upu ke Kulaiwi”
(The Land Remembers)


Commissioned for He’eia Elementary School by the Hawai’i SFCA and the DOE, this work celebrates the history of the land upon which the school now stands. The many pieces of the puzzle are the stories of times past, from the days of ancient Hawai’i through the plantation era, the days of rolling pasture land to the present. Like our knowledge of history, pieces are missing. The past is incomplete and the future is being made as we speak,  each of us placing our piece into the puzzle with the Land being the one constant that binds us all.

10′ X 28′, Ceramic bas-releif

Commissioned by the Hawai’i SFCA for He’eia Elementary School in Kaneohe, Hawaii

Completed in May 2000.

Coconut blowing in the wind

Pineapple plantation