Walking in the Garden”
Spark Matsunaga & Carly

81.5” x 40” x 34.5” in bronze

This sculpture is the center piece for the Spark M. Matsunaga International Children’s Garden for Peace designed and built by Kim and dedicated to the late Senator, a great advocate for peace and diplomacy during the cold war who was born and raised in Hanapepe and beloved by all. The garden also includes a gazebo, a waterfall and pools, a Japanese bridge, an outdoor performance amphitheater with star tapa designed roof, a 24’ covered entry trellis and a 17’ tall entrance gate dedicated to the renowned, late architect, Kevin Chun, who collaborated on the project.

Commissioned by Storybook Theatre of Hawaii in Hanapepe, Kaua’i
Completed in 2008

Clay front view

Clay back view

Carly posing with the sculpture

Detail of gate

Star tapa amphitheater roof

Roof work longshot

Amphitheater roof detail work

Garden view